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exists to support and develop talent, innovation and enterprise to deliver social impact.

By working with business, philanthropists, charities and social ventures we believe we can unleash the social energy that exists in the UK to help build a better, healthier society.

Powering Social Energy

Get In

Figures from Department of Health National Child Measurement Programme for the 2010/11 school year show that in Reception, over a fifth (22.6%) of the children measured were either overweight or obese. In Year 6, this rate was one in three (33.4%).

We think that the ‘Big Society’ is (or should be) a new approach to social challenges such as this. We think that in the context of austerity, the government can no longer solve all the problems we face, and neither should it.

Taking the lead from Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative Get in will help create the case for taking a social action approach to combatting obesity.  We will do this by establishing new partnerships to create new social action programmes researching the impact of Get In endorsed programmes establishing best practice guidelines supporting a pattern of activity and establishing our own “mark” as a measure of quality in this arena

Get in will work tirelessly to establish new partnerships and drive investment in social action programmes. Get In will also focus its campaigning activity in support of public facing programmes that offer real opportunities to play a part in solving the problem rather than simple awareness raising activity. Where we campaign to a public audience (B2C) we will do so under the ‘banner’ of the programme rather than Get In (this to avoid confusing the market). We will ensure that our campaign messaging is always complementary to that of the programme authors.

Get In to Energy Clubs
Get In’s first action will be to support  Sport Leaders UK to establish Energy Clubs in 900 primary schools, delivering 9,000 Volunteers to get children more active and raise awareness of better eating habits, creating 162,000 voluntary opportunities. Students, parents, grandparents and employees will be trained and equipped with skills to deliver 30-min sessions to energise children with fun physical activity, thereby reducing the prevalence of sedentary lifestyles.

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