The Big Society Network

exists to support and develop talent, innovation and enterprise to deliver social impact.

By working with business, philanthropists, charities and social ventures we believe we can unleash the social energy that exists in the UK to help build a better, healthier society.

Nurturing Social Energy


Nexters is our programme that supports the UK’s best social entrepreneurs. By identifying and nurturing social entrepreneurs, we are supporting the development of innovative solutions to improve our society. This may begin at the local level, but we believe these services should be scalable and sustainable – using the power of networked technology this is more than possible.

There are 62,000 social enterprises in the UK, contributing over £24bn to the economy and employing 800,000 people [Annual Survey of Small Businesses, 2005-7]. When surveyed, social entrepreneurs identified skills training and development as the second most important enabler after finance and 94% of social entrepreneurs surveyed said that they can share risk and support each others’ mission by collaborating [The Guardian]. 

Our programme provides a range of support including financial investment, mentoring, marketing and PR or office space and facilities.

Within the Nexters group we have the talent to:

● reinvent how businesses think about and enact their social responsibility

● create genuinely disruptive innovations to promote new forms of charity giving

● provide scalable mediation of professional giving of time to good causes

● begin to explore the potential of the nascent sharing economy

● launch a suite of new multi-source platforms for funding community and arts productions.

For more information about our Nexters Programme please visit

The Big Society Awards recognise outstanding people and organisations whose innovative and dedicated work improves lives and strengthens communities every day.

The Big Society is essentially about people coming together to improve lives and strengthen our society. It is about noticing something and deciding to do something about it. It is about caring and courage, it is about innovation and collaboration, it is about action and commitment.

What are the Big Society Awards?

The Big Society Awards were established to recognise, showcase and connect a broad network of organisations and individuals whose work exemplifies the core principles of the Big Society

Award Winners are decided each quarter and receive a plaque and a certificate signed by the Prime Minister, a regional press announcement and an invitation to a Reception at No.10 Downing Street where they will receive special thanks from the Prime Minister. Winners also get the chance to attend a practical networking and support event with other winners, where they will hear inspiring stories, tell their own, meet Government officials, and join a network of likeminded and supportive others which is run by the Big Society Network.


About this project

The Big Society Network is working with the Cabinet Office and No. 10, to celebrate and support the achievements of the winners of the Prime Minister’s Big Society Awards. We aim to find, showcase and celebrate stories and examples of business, communities, citizens and government working to strengthen society. We are committed to building and nurturing our network of winners and supporters both online and offline. We work with other likeminded organisations to reach these ‘everyday heroes’, share their stories and experiences, and inspire others.

We are actively seeking stories about ‘everyday heroes’ (be they individuals, groups or businesses) doing extraordinary things, to feature on our site and to include in our network.

If you would like to be involved, we would love to hear from you. Please email for more information.