The Big Society Network

exists to support and develop talent, innovation and enterprise to deliver social impact.

By working with business, philanthropists, charities and social ventures we believe we can unleash the social energy that exists in the UK to help build a better, healthier society.

Igniting Social Energy

Fuse Local

Fuse is a programme of the Big Society Network and exists to ignite the social energy within our local communities. Fuse aims to equip communities with the skills, resources and knowledge to take action to enrich their local area.


Projects of Fuse

Your Local Budget is a space to connect, understand and shape local budget decisions. In this project, you will hear from people who are shaping their local budgets and find new tools for giving individuals a direct and meaningful say in local spending decisions.

We believe greater public involvement is vital to ensuring that difficult decisions reflect the needs and circumstances of local people. We are working with local authorities across the country to explore how Participatory Budgeting can be used to harness local energy and generate public service innovation.

Your Local Budget is delivered in association with NESTA

Visit Your Local Budget’s website.

This project will identify innovative forms of community-led services and models of ownership of local services by community organisations, through comparison across Europe. We will identify practical forms of delivering community-led services, including mutual and co-operative models.

The project will seek to answer the questions ‘How can people take control?’ and; ‘What’s the most appropriate method for specific services?’

Increasingly local people are seen as co-designers and even co-producers of services rather than mere consumers. This project will identify ways of highlighting the most innovative models of local ownership, drawing from European examples. The project enables the most ground-breaking models to be shared across Europe for the first time.

‘It’s our community’ is a project of The Big Society Network and NCVO and supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and NESTA