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CMW partners with Nexters Pimp My Cause to launch a Year of Great Marketing Karma

Inspired by the brilliant pro bono marketing interventions we’ve had the opportunity to support at Pimp My Cause, we wanted to raise the bar higher than ever for 2013.

We’ve set ourselves the goal of making 2013 a Year of Great Marketing Karma by doubling our impact and doing everything we can to drive marketing as a force for good.

This is a tall order to say the least – which means partnering up with the most talented people we can find.

Enter the agency CMW who are the creative force behind some of the best marketing campaigns in the UK.

CMW has developed a genius initiative to drive awareness of Pimp My Cause among the marketing community through the Karma Audit, an app that gives marketers a chance to explore the karmic footprint of their marketing careers.

The app will connect to marketer’s LinkedIn profiles and evaluate the ethical impact of their career so far, letting them know their likely prospects for re-incarnation based on current performance.  The app also gives them the option of joining Pimp My Cause to volunteer their marketing skills for one of our member charities or social enterprises if they would like to improve their destiny by turbo-charging their good karma.

“In a world where it’s easy to be cynical about the work we do, everyone needs a little karmic enlightenment in their lives,” said Liz Wilson, Chief Executive of CMW, speaking about the agency’s motivation for developing the campaign. “The entire team here has embraced being able to apply our creativity to a scheme that promises to have a long-lasting, positive impact on the world.”

Of course, the Karma Audit is very tongue in cheek – and we have no absolute guarantees that the Karma god’s predictions will come true (for many of us this may be a blessing!). But there is a deeper thought here – what could the idea of “marketing karma” actually mean? How can we ensure that the net societal contribution of our professional lives is as positive as it can be?

We believe that when you look to find a group of people that has the right skills to shape the world for the better, the marketing profession is extremely well placed to take up the challenge whenever it is given the chance.

Throughout our Year of Great Marketing Karma we’ll be creating opportunities for individual marketers, agencies and whole marketing teams to pick up the gauntlet and see what they can achieve for the love of marketing and the love of their favourite cause.

To succeed we need your help. Please pass on your good karma by sharing the word about the Karma Audit and helping to fan the flames of the campaign. If you have marketing skills to offer, please sign up to Pimp My Cause and find one of our member causes to fall in love with and support with your talent and expertise.



Paul Skinner from Pimp My Cause is part of the Big Society Network’s Nexters programme.

Nexters are sponsored by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank.


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